Aldo Calò, Orizzontale

Aldo Calò was born in San Cesario di Lecce, Italy in 1910. He first studied art at the Lecce Art School and then attended the Institute of Art in Florence. Early influences included ancient art, Catholicism, and baroque architecture and decorations. By the late 1940s, Calo had become interested in international art movements. He met […]

Masayuki Nagare, Ancestor

Masayuki Nagare, a modernist sculptor and architect who called himself an old-fashioned samurai, was born in 1923 in Nagasaki, Japan. After a short period in Tokyo, where he spent more time at the homes of craftspeople than in school—it was the beginning of his immersion in traditional Japanese aesthetics–Nagare’s father enrolled him at a Zen […]

Alexander Liberman, Ritual II

Alexander Liberman was born in Kiev, Russia (now Ukraine) in 1912. Liberman was a sculptor, painter, photographer, writer and editor. He is best known for his monumental sculptures and his long tenure as the editorial director of Condé Nast’s publications. Liberman spent his early years in Russia. During the Revolution his mother started the country’s […]