Teacher Projects

Lynden’s education implementor, Anna Grosch, is out in the (virtual) field gathering information on the work teachers in our Innovative Educators Institute are doing to stay connected to their students during the COVID-19 health crisis.

  • Sue Pezanoski Browne: La Escuela Fratney Art Room
    Lynden teacher-in-residence and elementary art educator Sue Pezanoski Browne has created a blog for her K-5 art room at La Escuela Fratney. She is posting a steady stream of do-at-home projects, updates, and news.
  • Jenny Urbanek: Daily Art Challenge
    @downtownmontessori_art on Instagram and using #DMAartchallenge
    Art educator Jenny Urbanek has created a daily art challenge post on Instagram for her K-8 students at Downtown Montessori Academy. Urbanek has found an online platform that easily engages her students, allows for many interpretations of a broad concept or idea, and serves as an example for other teachers to engage with their own students. As Jenny says, “Never has there been a better time to sink deep into creativity. The next few weeks provide an opportunity to spend time making, creating, and learning (especially about art).”
  • Liz Meyer: Milwaukee Sign Language School K-5 Art Room
    Elementary art educator Liz Meyer has created a blog for her K-5 art room at Milwaukee Sign Language School It’s the place where she connects with her students and families by sharing art activities and resources. In these uncertain times, when our daily routines are drastically changing, Meyer hopes that her virtual classroom is a place where students and families can “come together to inspire, create, and share ideas with one another.” Her latest post features a few photos from her students’ interrupted residency with artist LaNia Sproles.
  • Bri Sayeg: Guests Posts on the La Escuela Fratney Art Room blog
    Bri Sayeg, a pre-service teacher participant in the Innovative Educators Institute and UWM Art Education major, is a student art teacher at La Escuela Fratney this semester. Here she posts her first project to the La Escuela Fratney blog for Earth Day, April 22, 2020. “Sharing Your Essential Knowledge” uses drawing and writing to teach other people about something you are interested in and know a lot about. Her project was inspired by Milwaukee-based artist Colin Matthes, who was a Lynden artist-in-residence at Fratney in 2018. During his time there, he had students share their curiosity, experiences, and interests through narratives using drawing and text using dip pens, brushes, and ink. Check out this link for some examples of the project: https://colinmatthes.com/total-essential-knowledge

  • Katie Hobday: Instagram Art Room & Google Classroom
    @mshobdayart on Instagram
    Lynden teacher-in-residence and middle school art educator Katie Hobday has created an instagram account to share her 6th, 7th and 8th grade student work at Bruce Guadalupe Community School. She is posting a steady stream of do-at-home projects, updates, and lessons through google classroom. Please see two samples of her middle school lessons here and here.